Trading Standards App


Engaging the power of your consumers

Trading standards officers tackle a wide variety of problems and issues within the local authority area. What better way to engage the public and increase referrals than to use INTEC’s latest smartphone app. Built on the success of INTEC’s counter fraud and whistleblowing apps, the trading standards apps seeks to increase awareness and help combat illegal and unscrupulous traders.

 Over 76 % of UK adults own a smartphone and with over 2.4 million being sold each month its estimated that UK consumers glance at their phones over a billion times each day. By using this powerful media and INTEC’s trading standards app, your local authority can engage with your consumers and encourage information sharing.


 Key Features :

 Organisation Contact Page

 News and Alerts

Trading Standards Reporting Guidelines

Check a Trader

Report a Trader

Local Area Analytics and Statistics


DOWNLOAD your Trading Standards App Information HERE!


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