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INTEC has worked very closely with London Borough of Southwark and created a national tenancy checking system that gives members of the public, and those that wish to advertise a residence for let, the ability to verify whether a local authority is the true owner of the property.

 iLatch is a unique tool that will help Housing Providers continue their fight against fraud by giving a genuine preventative measure, that for the very first time, creates transparency to the public.

Did you know...


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The “Accommodations Act 1953” provides legislation detailing the offence of advertising or listing a dwelling without the authority of the owner. The onus is on the letting agent to verify the true owner of the property. Not only is it against the law to sublet a property, it is actually illegal to advertise it!

The priority should always be to prevent housing fraud from entering the system in the first place.

The Most effective way to do this is to stop the property from being available to let, but how?

By utilising iLatch to monitor your housing stock you are creating a policy of prevention, whilst being given automated referrals when a potential instance of fraud is being committed.

 iLatch is a cloud based solution that offers a simple way for anyone to check the ownership of the residence. This is a free to use website that can be searched to validate the property in question. By giving access to letting agents and property websites, the stops and checks are carried out seamlessly and with ease as part of a cost effective process.


Why use iLatch?

  • Key Features Allow letting agents to lookup their properties and match them against the property database
  • Give occupants or prospective tenants the ability to check a property and validate it isn’t owned by the local authority
  • Provide instant alerts to the housing provider when an owned property is checked
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