London Borough of Southwark go live with ilatch !


After weeks of anticipation the London Borough of Southwark have now launched INTEC’s Tenancy Checker software to the public.

Expecting to be the first of many, Southwark are the first local authority to begin using our national tenancy checking software! This is a completely new product that begins an exciting new venture into the verification of tenancies on a national level. ilatch is a very simple concept that Southwark had a major contribution into the design of. INTEC have produced yet another online solution to help in the fight against fraud, complementing the InCase and idis brands that have been well established across the public sector.



To celebrate its launch, INTEC are hosting a working lunch at Southwark Council’s office on 14th October. The aim of this meeting is to provide a relaxed environment for audit, fraud and housing managers to see the solution and talk first hand to those that are using it.

Alan Bryce, Chair of TEICCAF will open the meeting and give an overview of the issues in tackling social housing fraud and the findings of the London PPP report, followed by a short overview of the solution by INTEC and some words from Southwark on their involvement in the system and how the authority is working to prevent fraud.


If you would like to express your interest and wish to attend this short session then please contact us on 0161 976 4222 or email


London Borough of Southwark go live with ilatch !
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