Product Launch : INTEC Launch their Whistleblowing App!



Is a good whistleblowing strategy essential to the success of your organisation?

The Answer is YES!


Ask yourself the question, how many whistleblowing incidents have you had in your organisation over the last 5 years? If the number is low does that mean there are no problems in your organisations? Or does it mean that you simply have inefficient ways for people to report issues and feel secure? 

A recent joint study between Public Concern at Work and Greenwich University into whistleblowing highlighted a few concerning facts. On average just 1 in 10 people feel confident enough to make a whistleblowing allegation. Whilst these means that 10% of your workforce feel confident in reporting malpractice or fraudulent behaviour the worrying statistic is that of this 10%, 74% of them felt that the report was just ignored and only 26% would be prepared to follow up and re-report this issue.

 This means that an efficient whistleblowing referral process is vital to the success of your organisation. At a recent event in London, the issue of whistleblowing was discussed with some of the capital's Public Sector fraud experts. When asked what were the top five reasons for having an good whistleblowing procedure the results were surprising:

  1. Have an effective whistleblowing function is to give your employees and customers faith in your organisation that any malpractice can be reported and corrected.
  2. An effective whistleblowing function acts as a deterrent to any would be fraudsters within your organisation.
  3. Tips from staff and the public are still one of the most effective sources of referrals and whistleblowing helps promote this further.
  4. In local government the committee and elected members will certainly approve any such function and it will raise the fraud topic at the highest level.
  5. The final reason was, as they termed it, purely “selfish reasons”. It is now every fraud team’s principle objective to show they have saved the LA money and decreased fraud. Whistleblowing will definitely help this cause.



In the recent TEICCAF Protecting the English Public Purse report (PEPP) 2.3 million was detected in procurement fraud. This is still one of the biggest fraud issues for local government with the last estimate at £876 million lost to procurement fraud in 2014/2015. Internal referrals through a whistleblowing facility are one of the most effective ways to address this significant issue.

To read the full PEPP Report CLICK HERE

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any whistleblowing service is ease of access to the reporting function. Ideally it needs to be easy to access and yet still very personal and secure, so it then raises the question how can we tick all the boxes?


  • 76% of UK adults own a smartphone
  • 91% of top brands have a mobile app
  • Over 32 million smartphones are sold each year in the UK
  • The smart phone is the single most successful electronic device of the modern age.


So why not embrace this technology? INTEC’s brand new whistleblowing app will…


  • Provide easy access for people to express concerns whilst maintaining anonymity
  • Help the organisation identify and prevent financial and/or reputational damage
  • Provide assurance to users and society that concerns can be addressed
  • Prevent opportunistic fraud for fear of reprisal 


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For more information on on the Whistleblowing App Contact Us on 0161 976 4222 Today!

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Product Launch : INTEC’s Whistleblowing App
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