INTEC Cloud Solutions

INTEC have been supplying market lead case management solutions to the Private and Public Sector teams for over 10 years! We are now pleased to announce that we have expanded our product portfolio to include cloud based products that will make our case management solutions easier to implement, and easier to access.

Why Cloud?

  •  Flexibility - You can access the product from the office or home, on PCs or tablets
  • Simplicity - There is no on-site installation or maintenance, reducing the cost and reliance on local IT teams
  • Security – Our cloud solutions are hosted on secure platforms and data is encrypted in transit
  • Reliability – We are able to minimise conflicts with other systems as we control all the network and systems


INTEC Cloud Based Products

What is available? 



INTEC are a Microsoft partner, and using the Microsoft Azure hosting platform we are able to offer the complete InCase Intelligence product accessed from the cloud. Customers will be able to obtain all the advantages of a cloud product whilst allowing staff to continue to use the rich functionality of the market leading case management system. MORE INFO


 For smaller teams who want a simpler solution, INTEC’s IDIS product also includes a case management module. IDIS is another cloud based solution that is hosted on a secure platform, and can be accessed with just a web browser. This module will allow you to perform all the key functions of a case management solution but in a simple efficient manner.

IDIS Case Management will allow you to

  • Record the people and addresses related to the case
  • Record notes and actions
  • Assign actions and cases to your officers
  • Create your own templates and mail merge letters

In addition you will have the option to expand your use of the IDIS system to include other modules such as direct access to credit reference reports, campaigns or data matching your own data.

For more information on our cloud solutions please call us on 0161 976 4222 or email

INTEC Cloud Solutions
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