Practis - Patient Administration System

Patient Management
Formerley BlueFlowerPractis, INTEC Practis is a Patient Management and Reporting solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of independent organisations, like a hospice or care centre.



Power and Performance

Practis provides the tools to manage patient information from the moment they are first referred for care to the moment they are discharged and beyond.

▪ MDS 2007/2008 reporting
▪ Powerful patient database
▪ User definable selections
▪ Comprehensive reporting facility
▪ User defined roles
▪ Patient record security
▪ Patient alerts
▪ Clinic management
▪ Lymphoedema Module


Practis provides definable roles for each user, enabling comprehensive system access control. Security of patient information is obviously of paramount importance.

Audit trail
Knowing who has done what and when is very important in terms of Data Protection, security and compliance. Practis maintains a full and comprehensive audit trail of all patient activity.

Referral Management
Patients are tracked from the moment of first referral. Details of initial referral, to which services and members of staff are handling the referral and care of the patient. Once a patient is referred to a service, such as inpatients, their progress can be tracked. Everything from the arrival of the patient, to the services they access, right through to their discharge, can all be logged and reported.

Practis has built in diagnosis codes to enable quick look up and entry of patient diagnosis using the ICD10 codes required for MDS reporting.

Family Information
Practis can maintain a full set of family contact details, including
next of kin and all other people who may visit. Including those who need to be kept informed of a patients progress.

Minimum Data Set

Practis is fully compliant with all MDS reporting each year. All the new data types, meeting designation and contact types required to remain in compliance for MDS are provided

Patient Notes
Practis includes a fully functional patient notes system which allows different healthcare professionals to enter notes with their own specific requirements.

Clinical notes can be entered and linked to external files such as photographs, digital x-rays, external documents etc.

Therapists and Counsellors can add confidential notes which can only be viewed by themselves or members of the counselling team.


Priority Alerts

Each patient can have any number of priority alerts added to their record to identify allergies, medication or any other information that must not be missed when treating a patient.

Alerts can also be used to comply with the Patients Charter and choice of care provider.

Easy to Use
Practis has a simple and familiar user interface, designed to reduce training costs and improve productivity.

All the regular reports a Hospice needs to create are built in, including the Minimum Data Set reports.

Management Program
Practis has a separate, dedicated system administration program to separate the management of the package from the everyday user

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