Debt Advice App

At the IRRV Annual Conference we announced the launch of our brand new “Local Authority Debt App”. A joint venture between the IRRV and INTEC for Business, the debt app brings every local authority closer to their customers by providing vital support and guidance to those who need it the most. Even in today’s harsh economic climate the smartphone is the preferred method of communication for a huge part of the UK adult population. 






“76% of adults own a smartphone”

 “UK consumers glance at their smart phone over a billion times each day!”

It therefore makes sense to use this media to help our customers and reduce the amount of debt they owe, to you and other creditors. The Debt App will bring together advice and support from registered charities providing links to vital information. Every user can calculate how they may be able to save money and even request a full debt calculator to work out their financial position. It also gives each LA a vital method of communication where they can offer advice and even arrange meetings with customers.


For more information on the Debt Advice App please call us on 0161 976 4222 or email !

INTEC and the IRRV Launch their Debt App!
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