INTEC’s Data Intelligence solution iDIS, was originally designed as a Single View of Debt solution. The main function being that user can import debtor information from any source and iDIS will automatically match names and addresses within each file given you a complete view of the outstanding debts related to a person or address.


Internal Data Matching

The advanced data matching tools were then adapted to combine with our fraud solutions providing users with a Single View of Customer. There are numerous data sources within each organisation and iDIS give you the tools to unlock the power of this information in your fight against fraud.

 These projects include, but are not limited to;

  • Single Person Discount Reviews
  • Tenancy Verifications
  • School Admissions
  • Waiting Lists
  • Travel Pass Verification
  • Housing Applications
  • Business Rates Exemptions


Credit Reference Agency Data

iDIS also has direct links to Credit Reference Agency data allowing users to carry out individual or batch checks on any of the following projects; 

  • Single Person Discount Reviews
  • Tenancy Verifications
  • Collectability & Propensity to Pay
  • Empty Properties & New Homes Bonus


Data Hubs & Data Warehousing

iDIS is now used across several individual and regional data hubs sharing data across various departments and organisations. These additional data sources combined with the matching functionality of iDIS are proving an invaluable tool in the fight against fraud across the UK. 


iDIS has already reported savings of over £500,000 for one of our users with many more reporting well over 400% return on investment.




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