Freedom to Speak Up Smartphone App

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The main aim of this Freedom to Speak Up Smartphone App is to educate, encourage and facilitate the raising of concerns by your staff members in a simple, convenient and innovative way. The key functions of the app are: 

  • Report- a simple report form allowing the employee to raise a concern, directly to the appropriate person. They can give details or remain anonymous.
  • Protection- an explanation of how your trust can protect a staff member, whether they remain anonymous or not
  • Concern types- A brief overview of concerns a staff member may raise to their guardian
  • News articles- the latest information in your trust (this could be a link to a web page, blog, article etc)
  • Push notifications- a simple messaging service to all staff via the app

 Each app will be individual (branding, wording, articles) to your trust and will be fully supported and hosted by INTEC. The app also comes with a comprehensive back office ‘portal’. This area will hold the encrypted reports, manages the content and set up of your app, and provides graphs with key stats: from number of downloads, activity and much more.



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Key benefits of the Freedom to Speak Up Smartphone App:


  • The App can be downloaded automatically on to Trust devices
  • Staff can report concerns from anywhere at any time
  • Reports are secure and will only be seen by the guardian
  • Provides another line of communication
  • Allows the trust to communicate directly with staff via push notifications and news articles
  • Allows the trust to contact users who may not be based within the trust
  • Identifies key areas staff members should be reporting on
  • Informs staff members of the protection they will receive should they report a concern

For more information call 0161 507 1599 or email

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