Fraud and Error Conference 2016 #FE2016



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Fraud is now costing UK public services over £21 billion per year and whilst there have been numerous initiatives and policies to make savings from fraud and error there is a priority across all areas of government to generate greater savings and efficiencies.

Fraud and Error 2016 will explore what innovations and measures have been used by Central and Local Government to date and in particular the role technology is playing in this and what opportunities it may provide for Local Authorities looking to use the Fraud Error Reduction Incentivise Scheme.

This market leading event will also look at the emerging fraud areas as the result of changing environments and policies and what initiatives can be put in place to prevent and deter. A number of leading experts combined with proven case studies will provide peerless insights into both the current and future directions of travel in this ever important area.

INTEC will be at the conference today showcasing our Fraud and Error Solutions, come and see us for more information!

Fraud and Error Conference 2016 #FE2016
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