Following the success of INTEC’s Counter Fraud Reporting App and the governments Fraud & Error Reduction Incentive Scheme, we have developed a new FERIS App. Smartphones overtook PC ownership around 3 years ago and has continued to grow dramatically. Latest estimates show that each person spends around 30 hours per month on their smartphone using apps and the mobile web (this does not include phone calls or texts). Smartphones are now the preferred communication for the vast majority if UK adults.

The App is designed to be a complete reporting tool for customers claiming housing benefits.

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Alerts & Notifications

The FERIS App will give you the ability to communicate directly with your customers quickly and efficiently. This will include special campaigns and social inclusion projects that could benefit all claimants.


Change of Circumstances

The app also include a Change in Circumstances reporting tool that allows users to quickly report changes that will impact on their benefit claim. This will aid in the fight against overpayments and ultimately help those who need help the most get access to the funds they are entitled to.


Fraud Reporting

As combatting fraud is high on the list of all benefits providers the app allows users to report any suspected frauds they may have information on.


Web Based Portal

All INTEC Apps have a complete web based portal where users can manage all aspects of the app from alerts and notifications top stories and reports received. The simple user interface ensures that you can access the areas you need with minimal effort.


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