Data Matching

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Data matching is part of Intec’s secure cloud based iDIS platform, which allows you to unlock the intelligence in your data. Most organisations have huge stores of data but limited resources to sift the data to find the information that really matters. Whatever you are trying to achieve, it can take hours, days or even weeks for you to work through tens of thousands of records. INTEC's data matching process will simplify this by allowing you to import your data and let our software solution do the work.

INTEC has a flexible and intuitive method for importing your data records that means that if you can get your data into a CSV file then you will be able to import into our platform and begin matching. Our data matching engine intelligently scores your data to give an indication of how confident we are of matches, allowing you to process the most accurate results first.

 The matching engine offers a number of different matching algorithms giving you the flexibility to


  • Identify matches between files
  • Identify missing data between files
  • Target people, addresses or organisations


There are no complex formulas to learn, and getting data into the platform and understanding the results can be done with virtually no user training plus our support team are always on hand to help.

Whether you wish to target benefit fraud, tenancy issues, corporate fraud or payroll data matching will save you time and money by allowing you to target your resources in the most effective areas that will lead to results fast.

Did you know you dont need our software to take advantage of this? we can match your data on your behalf and come back to you with the results in a matter of days! 


For more information call 0161 507 1599 or email


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