Cashable Savings



What are the two biggest challenges facing your department today? Lack of resources to do more? Lack of funds? What is stopping you from being able to overcome these problems? Probably that you don’t have the resources or funds to address the issue!

IRRV have partnered with Intec for Business to create a solution that makes the model of cashable savings available as a software solution for the first time. The attached whitepaper from the IRRV explains how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

All local authorities are facing similar challenges, but some have already proven it is possible to generate tens of thousands of pounds of additional revenue through this process.

Intec with the IRRV have developed a number of campaigns designed to create a revenue stream for your Local Authority. Below is a white paper that has been written with the IRRV, demonstrating how your authority can achieve a ROI, and examples of our successes so far. Using our data matching software IDIS, we can offer you the opportunity to run specific campaigns either in house, as a one-off exercise or via a managed service to generate cashable savings.




If you would like more information, or to organise a demonstration of the product/campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact:

Existing Customers
Please contact your Account manager Mark, Jo or Sarah on 0161 776 4352

New Business
Tom Yates-, 0161 776 4352 (North)
Mike Trueman-, 0781 224 2010 (South)



Cashable Savings White Paper
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