InCase Intelligence - Case Management Software



The use of an effective case management system has been proven to deliver up to 40% efficiency savings for your team. The combination of specifically designed user interfaces and the advanced customisation options, ensure that InCase Intelligence can be easily adapted to suit any type of case, contact, customer or information management environment.

InCase Intelligence Tree

InCase has been developed over 20 years working closely with our clients in the Public and private sectors. InCase Intelligence is currently used by over 100 organisations across the UK in a wide variety of areas including (but not limited to);

  • Corporate investigations
  • Tenancy & social housing fraud
  • Financial investigations
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Information & request management
  • NHS investigations


The advanced functionality of InCase Intelligence means that you can choose the features you need to maximise your outcomes and increase efficiency.  In short InCase Intelligence is a system designed to suit the way you work and not dictate it.

 InCase Intelligence can be installed locally at your organisation or online providing you will all the options technically and functionally that you will need.

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