The BREACH project is running in conjunction with the IRRV and covers a range of products and services designed specifically for billing authorities in the UK.


With the hugely successful launch of the BREACH Advisory Service at the IRRV Annual Conference in 2017, we are excited to announce details of the innovative solutions we can now offer as part of the BREACH project.



A free report available to every local authority, based on your billing data. All you need to do is send INTEC your business rates contact database. We will issue you a detailed report on the quality of your data.

Based on the Health Check, we will cleanse your business rates data This will include;

  • verifying each of your contact phone numbers and email addresses
  • adding contact names and number where applicable
  • adding email addresses where possible. (How much resource would you save by increasing your ebiling?)

This will also include details of businesses that have gone away, so you can update your records.

As part of the Data Match, we will review your current billing database and provide a list of additional businesses that do not have records for. This could result in a dramatic increase in your rateable values.

So far from the pilots we have carried out, the number of rateable business properties has increased by around 1.8%

Based on the success of our initial data cleanse and data match, we can offer these services on a monthly basis. This means that your LA will receive monthly alerts from INTEC on

  • Changes of contact information
  • Additional email addresses and telephone numbers
  • And more importantly, NEW businesses setting up in your area
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